Who is Noseafood?

Having traveled, adventured and worked overseas for a proportionate amount of my late teens and early twenties, I was beginning to find my self too ‘settled in my slippers’ in little Norwich.

A fine city yes it is, but why get caught up in office politics, bills and de-icing my car when I can be free, live every day as I choose, meet both interesting and strange people in amazing and daunting places.

First stop Peru, renowned for its Ceviche – and luckily lots of other delicious food!

But why Noseafood? I don’t eat sea creatures, that goes for rivers too! The taste, the texture, the smell…I just can’t. It’s always the first phrase I have to learn in any country I visit and was the nickname I was awarded by my seafood and fish worshiping colleagues of Borneo TRU Event back in 2010.

There’s no sugar coating here, I like to tell my experiences exactly how they are, even if that means revealing my tears, swallow-me-up embarrassing moments and juicy encounters. When I am not telling one of my funny little travel stories, I put my serious face on and scribe informational articles to help fellow travelers navigate this wonderful world of ours.

Oh yeah, I am also a yoga teacher! If you are a fellow Yogi and fancy joining me for a practice on any number of beautiful beaches, mountain view hostels or sun-filled parks in South and Central America, keep up to date with my whereabouts and classes by following FlamingoFlowYoga on  Instagram or Facebook.

Follow my short blogs as I get lost and found in the countries I have been dreaming of for years. You can also learn Spanish with me – my blogs are dotted with Spanish words so you can pick them up too!