Soap and water

When you travel any smidge of materialism you might have once had, soon diminishes.

You realise that you can survive with just the clothes on your back, however old they are, however many holes (though my grey jumper truly is a disgrace!).

A limited selection of toiletries is all you now need, catching up on The Apprentice has slipped your mind and what you might have once deemed dirty after a day, now has as many wears as a cat has lives.

Your feet forget what it is like to be elevated by a sexy heel, your hair forgets the sensation of being pressed by two metal plates and the mirror becomes something that gives you a fright once and a while, rather than something you turn to throughout the day.

These three weeks volunteering at Portal Atlante Hostel, on the edge and with its very own piece of Tayrona National Park, have been the epitome of this simple and blissful life.


Sunrise and sunset yoga, an abundant choice of spots with incredible energy for just that.


Meditating by the stream, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Content in my daily chores, churning peanuts for homemade butter whilst listening to Angus and Julia Stone.

Afternoon naps in a hammock, waking to the most incredible view.

Healed by the plants, no calls to the pharmacy required.

No WIFI, the animals and the stillness the entertainment here.

Washing my face with just soap and water, the sun my foundation, eight hours sleep a day my concealer and delicious vegetarian food the life to my cheeks.


A pair of hippy pants and mosquito repellent (lots of it at that) are all that I need here.

My calm mind is eternally grateful.

Look after yourself, take a break at Portal Atlante Holistic Hostel, contact them to book here.

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