I have only just learned the importance of tagging my location in my Instagram posts.

It’s recent news to me that I should be putting thirty hashtags per photo, apparently #tasty just doesn’t cut it.

Now, these articles ‘How to increase your Instagram followers in 2018’ tell me I have to make Instagram stories! How people have time in their busy lives to watch 360-degree videos of what someone had for breakfast…I do not know.

Before this year the words ‘follow me’ triggered my brain only to think of Abe’s Odessey and I wish it remained that way.

I hate that now I can tell you I have exactly 438 followers.


…Let’s look at that definition
an adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity.
Are these ‘people’ devoted to me?
Or are these ‘thumbs’ just clicking that button that now reads ‘seguir’  (because I am so super advanced in my Spanish that I don’t need my phone in English anymore) just to ensure that they are themselves, followed?


I have got friends I haven’t text back in weeks, yet due to my Instagram targets I am allowing my mornings to be swallowed up ‘interacting’ with my ‘followers’ to ensure they don’t unfollow me.

Unfollowing? Why is that a thing? I barely have time to follow people…let alone unfollow. People spend their valuable time liking someone’s photos, just until they hear that little notification of social approval has been reciprocated and then they take it back?

I am proud of my Instagram feed because I have been lucky enough to see some breathtaking places and capture some incredible moments.

Now apparently I need a minimum of 750 followers to be worthy of writing for some travel publications.

I could buy some, people do that?
Perhaps I could respond to the messages from these people telling me that my feed looks great but they have the secrets to make me grow my account.

Why? So I can become one of those beautiful long-haired girls that sell their e-book showing others how they can get paid to travel the world? Don’t get me wrong, I would never say no if someone wanted to hand me that opportunity on a plate. But right now I am not trying to be Marina de Giovanni, in fact, I will be happy if I never see her face on my feed again. All I am trying to do now is just make a little money writing so that I can continue following my dreams.

These dreams that I follow
because I am inspired,
because I am intrigued,
because I choose to.

If you choose to ‘follow me’ for the any of the above reasons and I feel inspired and intrigued to follow you back, I will.

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