First Taste of Brazil, Caprioskas and Chicken Hearts

It’s always going to be exciting when your friend flies over from your homelands to share part of your backpacking trip.

When you are meeting in the airport of Rio De Janiero, having just spent over thirty-six hours in transit AND after being mugged by a scary man with a knife….it’s wet your panties exciting.

Both of us are running on little to no sleep, but you wouldn’t tell as we hug in arrivals at 5.20am. The journey is not over just yet as we have a plane to Salvador de Bahía in a few hours.

It really is Edana to the rescue; a friend, money and a phone that works just as it does at home! Once settled at our gate (after food and coffee) we send a message to our host to be.

Pecos replies with the news that he won’t be home until the evening, so we get thinking of a plan B before our excitement subsides. We decide to message a guy I had been speaking to on Couchsurfing previously, he also offered us a couch when we had already accepted one. I voiced my concerns that he had been very texty so he might be one of the many guys that confuse Couchsurfing with Tinder. We wanted our first day in Brazil to start as soon as we stepped off that plane, wandering around with our backpacks was simply not an option.

With two friends catching up on life and making plans for the three weeks of travel together to come, touchdown came in no time.

As we switch the phone back from aeroplane mode, we are happy to see a response from the guy who says he will pick us up from the airport and take us to a pool party.

We are even more delighted when he comes to pick us up, with his wife in the car, why didn’t he say!

After a short time, we arrive at the most beautiful house, I am talking Desperate Housewives style. An impeccably manicured garden, big pool and purpose built BBQ and bar seating. Our extremely toned host welcomes us to the guest room where we take a shower and put our pool party outfits on.

Our new friends tell us they will take us back to our hosts tonight, so we put our bags back in the car and relax into the day.

They have bought the ingredients for Caprioskas especially for us and after a sip, I am cooled and delighted, raising my glass to the first of many more.

Friends arrive and the meat starts its first turn on the BBQ. One guy tells me I can get in the pool if I want and before he can take another breath I am under the water. First impressions of Brazil? My god it is hot and best approached with little no clothing.

We are lapping up the Brazilian music, the bum shaking, the drinks and the girls even teach us some Samba steps. Edana’s J Lo ass fits in very well with the crowd.

When its time for the meat, oh lord. To think a week ago I was considering vegetarianism. You would never guessed it the way I shovelled succulent juicy pieces of cow into my mouth. I try to pass at the chicken hearts, knowing that cow hearts didn’t go down too well so I didn’t see why the miniature poultry version would be any different. Edana joins in the organ party…we can see who is the more Brazilan one out of the two of us. I give one a bite but when my teeth are stopped by the hard gristle, I don’t have any motivation to sink them any further.

Kilos of meat, too many drinks and so much fun later, the sun has set and we are all dancing in the now slightly chilly pool with the underwater multicoloured lighting providing the mood for the evening party.

I realise Edana has been missing for a while so I head off to investigate. After repetitive knocking, she answers the door to the guest room half asleep so we let her nod back off.

…some drunken time later….

I have been a little occupied, with the host showing me around the rest of his incredible house. When we go back outside he tells me everyone has left.

No, they wouldn’t have just abandoned us, would they?

I go outside to check and they have! Standing there in my wet bikini, I am not quite sure what to do. I decline his kind offer to sleep in his bed and go snuggle up in the single bed with Edana.

…some drunken sleep time later…

I wake up, my nipple hanging out from the bikini top and what’s that? I am itchy from head to toe and have been going to town on the scratching. I am sweating in the insane heat and these mosquitos have eaten me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I shake Edana. She thought everyone was still outside finishing off the leftover meat. I explain the situation.

My god, my mouth is like Gandhi’s flip-flop.

I need water.

I have to do something about these god damn bites.

I open the door and then try to open the next one, only to find that it’s locked.

We are locked in the small entrance bit of the house, with access only to the guest room, the garage and the garden.

Like a mad woman, I go out into the garden and start looking for some leaves to rub on my bites. What am I thinking I am not in Tayrona National Park anymore. I am in someones very nice garden at goodness knows what time in my bikini, rummaging through their foliage in the dark.

God knows how I got back to sleep in that oven of a bedroom with one million mosquito bites begging me to scratch them.

We both awoke, embarrassingly late in the morning, to the sound of our hosts’ parents in the kitchen.

I tell Edana that the guy had gone to work at 5am so I wasn’t so sure his parents even knew we were there.

We were in our bikinis.

We couldn’t speak Portuguese.

We were trapped.

Eventually, we tiptoe out. The mama greets us with her funny looking dog and repeats the names of friends. We assume that means they are coming back for us so we relax a little bit.

‘Me Julie’ the dog

The mum prepares us a delicious breakfast and our friends come back. They didn’t say anything about deserting us in the middle of the night with no clothes…but we were so grateful for them for showing us such an awesome first day in Brazil!




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